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Yuuko's Jumper - Yuri On Ice!

It should come as a shock to no one that I became quickly addicted to Yuri on Ice! when I found it. And of course I wanted to do something from it.

I didn't really want to do one of the boys though as while I may lust after Victor, they're not who I am.  Female characters in it are few and far between, but I did actually quite like Yuuko Nishigori and her steadfast support and friendship for Yuri. When I found out a friend was going to be going to Shurikon as Yuri, I was sold.

As it happened, I had a lot of what I needed in my closet. Red turtleneck? Check. Black shorts? Check. Black tights and leggings? Oh so definitely check several times over. And skates. I most definitely own proper figure skates.

I even had a wig that would 'do' if I just pulled it up. (An Arda Ferrari in dark copper red which is definitely not 100% accurate, but the closest in my closet). All I needed was that white warm jumper.

Because I'm an idiot, and thought maybe I would wear it outside …

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