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Bombshell Wonder Woman: Part 2

The devil is in the details, and when you get down to it, there are actually quite a lot of those in this costume.

One of the places where I knew I wanted to get them as close to right as I could, was the bracers. These I made out of foam. I watched a bunch of Evil Ted videos, then made a pattern, and cut out my bracers from 1/2 inch foam tiles.

I knew this was pretty thick, but I wanted it to be so I could cut into them without cutting all the way through. I cut into the foam using a sharp scalpel in the design of the bracers that you can see in the close ups. I just freehanded it, so its not 100% accurate, but its close enough that I'm happy.

I love how this feels like magic every time.

Then I added a small border with contact cement to the edges out of craft foam and bent them all in shape. My favourite contact cement worked like a charm to keep it all in place.

Then I sprayed them with black Plastidip, and began the paint job.

My husband kindly took the time to educate me in …

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