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Going to the Races: The Dress

This dress ended up being a bit of a Frankenstein. The main fabric is a poly crepe that I bought in London on Goldhawk Road. Honestly, I don't know what I'd do without access to that place.

I happened to own Burda 8856 pattern which has a beautifully flared skirt pattern to it. I used this to create the skirt, cutting it shorter than the pattern requires.

This gives it that perfect swing fit and and flare that Peggy has in so many of Season 2 dresses and is probably what makes this dress feel so va va voom to wear.

The sleeves were loosely based on a full sleeve pattern I had from elsewhere. I wanted them to have plenty of poof, and I got that. I ran a loose stitch down the center of each sleeve and pulled it tighter, I then made a tube of fabric and tacked it down on that pulled line. I'm convinced that this is closer to the original than just using the tube to pull it up from the bottom, as you have definite gathers all along that tube line in the references. If I hadn&…

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